Instruments of the money market.

Money market

RBI defines a money market as a place where the financial instruments with a duration from one day to one year are traded. On account of such a short duration, instruments of the money market are referred to close substitutes of cash possessing high liquidity. The money market is the arrangement of participants like banks, …

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The Product life cycle

If you are in marketing, then you must be aware of the product life cycle concept. It is the fundamental concept while making a marketing strategy around your product. Let’s discuss thoroughly what is PLC. How it can help you design your product aspect of the marketing mix. We all know that a company’s market …

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Top 10 travel destinations in India

Top 10 traveling destinations in india

Best travel places to visit in India India is a vast and diversified country. it is an amazing land where different cultures and traditions as interlinked however, one can easily make distinctions among them. probably this is the way many visitors from other countries come and relish its excellence. so all for the travel lover here is …

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